"Hostmill.com has been the
 best move for setting my Agency
 up online. I have spent thousands
 of dollars on web sites in the past
 and this is by far the best program
 I have  ever used! Thank you
 Tim, Central California
Web Sites and Email
Websites - Due in large part to certain companies spending millions on advertising customers expect their insurance agent to have a website.

If you have an email account chances are that you are continually inundated with offers for web sites. Do you have to have a website? No. Should you have a website? Yes.

Email - Email has become a powerful force of communication in society today.  Why settle for  "JimBob@aol.com" when you can have "John@TheJohnDoeAgency.com".

With Hostmill you get:

  •  5 free Email boxes for your website. You set them up you can change them. More Email boxes are available upon request.
  • opt-in Email Newsletter tool
  • auto-responders
  • vacation messages
  • free forwarding
  • web access to your email from any computer with internet access.

The web is not going away!

Despite the Dot Com Bomb and all the money that was lost in the Tech Sector the Internet is here to stay.

Are you ready to dive in?




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